Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing in Ontario. All of the information you need to start ice fishing on Lake Nipissing - some of the best fresh water ice fishing anywhere in the world!

Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing Lake Nipissing Ice

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Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing

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Why You Need a Net on Ice Fishing Trips

by Sean

The season of ice fishing is almost ready to begin and with that comes a whole new box of fishing tackle and supplies. Northerners will tell you that ice fishing is no easy task. You will see exactly what I am talking about after watching the ice anglers, filming for a television show in the video attached above. The mixture of ice cold water, frigid air and slippery scales equals frustration when trying to pull a fish out from underneath the ice. My word of advice is to bring a small net that you can scoop fish in on your next ice fishing trips.

You do not want to be fooling with a wriggling fish when your hands are exposed to the elements. It just isn't comfortable. You can really see in this video that fish will do whatever they can to slide their way back into the water. A net is the simplest solution to this problem. I wonder why the guys in this video did not learn their lessen after so many fish slide out of their grip. Reducing stressors on your next fishing vacations is never a bad idea.

Tips to Take on Ice Fishing Trips

by Sean

With Thanksgiving, only days away the cold months of winter will soon be upon us if they aren't already. Unless you live in the southwest like me or in a warm climate, upcoming fishing trips are probably going to be different from the ones taken in the warmer months. Ice fishing vacations come with new challenges so I created a list of tips that I thought would be helpful if you are going on any ice fishing trips.